A Sense of Relief

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Since I've heard about you, I don't feel like an ET lost in Earth, looking for his spaceship to go back home! I mean, I don't feel alone anymore. Thanks for it!  Moema, Brazil

This is the organization I've been waiting for! I commend you on your movement and what it stands for. I believe that raising the consciousness of all around us should be the first step any of us can make in the direction of having a saner world. Ken, USA

What a joy to have read about you.... this has been a very lonely journey for me... I think nothing is hated more than an aetheist... I don't express my views to many people. To think you are right around the corner. Yipppppeee and thank you, and would love to hook up in some form with others like me. Thank you Michele, USA

I am delighted at this new term. I dread telling people that I am an athiest. However, the term Bright is nothing to be ashamed of.  Kyle, USA

I am glad that there is a proper noun that can be used to identify my own personal beliefs without the stigma that usually follows some epithet of perceived "godlessness" on my part. It relieves me to hear that there is a sizable group of people who are not caught up in the belief that there is only one rigidly defined way to think or believe.  Andie, USA

I felt very alone in the world until I heard about the brights... Brendon, USA

Thanks. I am down here in the boonies-bible belt. We have stores that decorate their windows at Xmas with "Happy Birthday Jesus."  Marie, USA

From the moment I left god, I was waiting for an authority to follow. I have faith in Dawkins and Dennett! Long life to our lords! Just joking, of course... Let's see if the meme works.  Richard, USA

I wish I heard of this sooner. Finally a group of like-minded people. I don’t feel so solitary in my views anymore. Thank You.  Marie, USA

This is the organization I would have needed as a teenager - all I ever found then was existentialism and my own private views, both a little lonely!  Valerie, USA

Great idea; I'm tired of being defined as the opposite of other people's beliefs.  Andrew, USA

Hello and thanks for being there. I am in bible belt North Carolina, and I feel like I'm all alone most times. Finally! a place where I fit in.  Adam, USA

Great idea and great concept. Finally a community where you don't have to apologize for being sceptical / non-believing.  Ivo, The Netherlands

I'm heartened to discover more like me.  I don't meet too many who are as certain in their worldview as I am, so it's good to find myself in like-minded company...  Jane, US

About time someone came up with a new term. I hope it catches on.  Daniel, USA

This has been a long time coming.  James USA

I love this!! Having recently exited a high control group, and finally admitting to myself that there is no proof of a god, I was still reluctant to call myself an atheist/agnostic/ whatever. This is terrific! I AM A BRIGHT!!  Kate, USA

Feels good to come out of the closet. Chris UK

I have been an "atheist" for more than two decades, but have always disliked the idea of defining myself in terms of "theism". Thanks for providing me with an alternative!  Walt, USA

I've just learned about the movement - boy, did it brighten my day. We're having more and more problems over here (in France and Europe) with religious references being written all over our constitutions and laws... So let's hope for a brighter future!   Bonet, France

At last...a name to call myself, that calls to MYself...Thank you.  George, USA

I'm certainly a naturalist. I'm also an atheist and secular humanist. If you (we?) can get the word "bright" to take hold, all the better, since I'm tired of explaining to people what it means to be a metaphysical naturalist.  Sean, USA

A wonderful idea. I'm fed up with calling myself an atheist or humanist and getting responses which would be appropriate if I'd said I was a child murderer. Thank you!  Dave Simpson, UK

The term bright is needed in today's confusion over who non-theists are.  Will, USA

I soooo hate having to describe my self as an 'atheistic liberal humanist' as no-one knows what it means. No-one will know what 'bright' means either but at least its less of a mouthful. Gordon, UK

I am a midwestern, unitarian, universalist bright. Retired. And tired of not being able to express my worldview in "simple" postive terms, rather than being quiet to avoid unproductive, emotional arguments. Today, as much as anytime in history, we need a positive voice to speak with the major religions which are dangerously polarizing our "human" world.  Fred, USA

About time someone recognised how we are sometimes shunned by society and tried to do something about it. 100% behind you!  Jorge, UK

Keep up the wonderful work. … I work as a child and adolescent psychiatrist where a lot of my colleagues with religious beliefs seem to have no problem sharing their world view, but I get the critical reaction when I share mine!  Margaret, UK

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