A New Awareness

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

It took me 70 years to gain release, and in the last five years I had not realised that I was a bright. This is most stimulating.  Peter, UK

I am a lifelong Bright although I didn't know this until an hour ago. I have always needed this concept.  Bernie

I like the idea of getting a jargon identity!  Mirela, Canada

Great idea guys! I realise that I've been a bright all my life, now I can come out!  Sam UK

Rudyard Kipling said, "Words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind."  I am a Bright.  Chris, USA

An interesting linguistic experiment and an opportunity to stand up and be counted.  Margaret, UK

I was just introduced to the word "brights" while reading the message board... I feel it really captures and describes the state of mind I am in now after a long journey of discovery and learning. I am however 37, so... What you are doing with it is great.  Gary

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