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A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Teensy Tidbits:  It’s about time! <-- (this is by far the most common short entry statement) — YES!!! — A perfect fit for me — Turn on the Bright! — Just when I was warming up to being a "godless heathen" — Best idea i have heard in ages — At last — Bright On!  t Bring on the Brights — What a relief — Great project. Better late than never — Right On! — Excellent — bravo! finally! — Thank “God” — About time I jumped on the bandwagon — Count me in – wholeheartedly — This is a terrific idea! — Marvelous concept. Let’s make it happen — Happy to come aboard — What a brilliant idea — I am glad you are there taking a stand for Brights' Rights - count me in! — Finally! — Hope this will work — It's about time! (Or maybe I'm just late to the party) — This is good news! — This is a great idea! — Hallelujah!!!

It's a great feeling to join the “BRIGHTS.”  Albert, USA

Thrilled to come out of the closet!  Katie, USA

Bloody good idea.  Phil, UK

I've been waiting for this. Elissa, USA

What a refreshing idea, I'm proud to come out of the academic closet and join all the other brights of the world  Luke, USA

How nice to finally have a term which can easily be slipped into a conversation, and generate discussion without triggering instant negative confrontation. – Jeff, USA

I have a yearning to be recognised for having a positive philosophical standpoint.  Cecilia, New Zealand

Woohoo!  Adrian, USA

Way to Go! What a great, unifying and non-threatening idea!  Sena, USA

I am extremely glad to be coming out as a Bright. I will spread the word!   Zaheda, Bangladesh

I love to study all areas of science and knowing that there are other rational and understanding people out there is great. I don't know any naturalists except for my immediate family and the books that I read. Great site!  Annelise, Australia

This is a wonderful idea -- a single word definition for what I am!  Irv, Canada

How wonderful to feel part of something and not just an outsider!!  Iline, USA

At last,  and a decent word to boot.  David UK

Excellent idea!! Love the word "Bright" to distinguish us. Now I can proudly say "I am a bright.” Amitabh, USA

How lucky I am to have found you, by accident.  John, New Zealand

What a wonderful concept. I feel heartened by it all. Stephen, USA

Heard about the brights net in an article by Richard Dawkins in The Sunday Independent this week, and it seemed to fit in so perfectly with how I feel. Sian, Great Britain

A great idea, as I feel it IS like coming out when you (as I finally have in the last couple of years) feel can challenge the religious and mysticists that pepper society. John, UK

This is so brilliant so intelligent so needed so exciting it gives me hope.  Helen, Canada

I welcome your attempt with the little sparkle that went on inside me as I read the Guardian article. Hope you succeed in just making people think, or, as the author put it, raise a bit of consciousness. More light! 

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