Kudos and Gratitude

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Thank you for keeping the term's meaning simple and broad, and for recognizing individuality within the term's referent. More importantly, thank you for the positive nature of the "movement". I have no interest in bashing religion or others' religious beliefs, but only in having my own naturalist beliefs granted the same respect and consideration.  Paul, USA

I applaud the amount of consideration that went into forming and building this word and community!  Marisa, USA

I have long felt that agnostics, atheists and the like need a new umbrella, a new group we can be identified with. I like the name Bright, for obvious reasons, it sounds cheerful, optimistic, intelligent and non-threatening, which is important when so many people seem determined to misunderstand us. I hope this takes off. Thanks for putting the time and effort in to try to make this happen.  Alison, Australia

At last i don't feel alone...thank you for the web site but more importantly the freedom, openness & lucidity of the thoughts expressed on this page and for the support.  Joan, US

Good luck and congratulations on adding definition to something many feel to be integral to their lives, and many others need to become aware that it exists. Mas, USA

Thank you for designing such a website with such intellect!  Rudra, Australia

How does thank you sound?  Paul, USA

Thank you for this opportunity to be part of a group whose philosophy has been mine from the moment I could form thoughts about such things. It has been lonely!  Deanna, USA

I admire the gumption of the creators of this site. I will certainly become involved in spreading the word about Brights in my neck of the woods. Any suggestions on involvement would also be acted upon. Keep up the great work...  Jobie, USA

Thank you for initiating this positive label! A few years ago I tried to push for "People of Reason" on many internet chat sites, but it didn't seem to catch on. Good luck with this, my sister and brother Brights!  Jeff, USA

Someone should have thought of this long ago, but it's never too late to start.  Henry, USA

Thank you; I think this is a fantastic idea. Immediately resonates.  Maggi, USA

Thank You for YOUR VITAL AND ESSENTIAL WORK in a Superstition-Drenched World. The Supernatural is a Myth and a Delusion. Only the Natural World is Real. You have my Complete Support and Respect  Val. USA

Thanks for the web site and idea. We need an organization and a descriptive name.  Gerry, USA

Finally, a label I can live with. A bright. Good enough for me, my children and grandchildren. Thank you. Joanne, USA

Thanks for this chance to join others who think like I do.  Harrison, USA

I am very pleased to learn of the existence of this outfit / organization / movement / group. It's important that there be such a thing, and I'd like to contribute whatever I can. Robert Ingersoll's ideas are alive and well!  Richard, Canada

I had hoped for such a movement -- A widely available, respectable alternative to the god thing -- A choice. When I read the "Bright Stuff" article, I realized that you got it right…Thank you for your gift to humanity. It will unite us to put forth the real Word and offer real hope for a world free of the present mass insanity.  Richard, USA

This makes such sense! Thanks. Nick UK

I look to your website often and I am so happy to be a Bright. Thank you for being who you are and what you are and not a fantasy. Lets get real! Anonka, USA

This Bright idea is brilliant! Thanks for the effort and positive creative spirit. Best wishes and good luck.  Al, USA

Thank you for so succinctly summing up a philosophy that is sorely under voiced in this world.  Don, USA

Thank you for existing...we share your passion...located in [ Missouri], a very right-wing area... Ashcroft's little Havana… I am not a frequent internet user...no time. However, you spark our interest. Keep in touch.  Steve and Deborah, USA

The identity word 'Bright', as a noun to describe those that have in common a naturalistic point-of-view, may do much to unify this formerly splintered group. My thanks go to those who have worked so hard to develop these important concepts.  Jerry, USA

brilliant idea! brights of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your superstitions  Jack, UK

This is a splendid idea.  Joe, UK

Dawkins for God. What a very bright bright he is. You see what you've started?  Bernie, UK

It's about time!  Robert, USA

What a wonderful idea! We've needed a unifying word and symbols for a long time.  Diane, USA

This is the "brightest" idea I have seen in the effort to educate about those of us with a natural world view. Thank You! (Sorry about the pun, I could not help myself.)  Ray, USA

Thanks for coming up with such a wonderfully Bright idea--to have a new word to identify us with! Happy to be a Bright! Charlie, USA

Fair and balanced commentary. 

What an excellent idea! Language isn't everything, but it certainly can help.  Kristen, USA

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