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I'm not much of a joiner, but it's time to defend ourselves against the bigots, so here I am. I hope this idea can be spread to people in more isolated places (beyond tolerant communities around universities and in big cities): they need it the most  Gordon, USA

(H)ave you considered a usenet news group for discussion? It might also be nice to set up a list for people to identify themselves if they so wish. I would have no problem identifying my name, city or zip, and e-mail address. Then, as a __, Oregon, resident, I might like to see if I can find other, like-minded individuals in the community. Perhaps in time... Thank you for your ideas and taking the time to share them with us. Keith, US

I hope it works--but you need lots more publicity. I'll try to do my part. I like being a bright!!!  Betsy, US

This is a GREAT and bright idea. We need to know and promote our numbers. I suggest that you send messages about the web site to all humanist, atheist, freethinker, etc. organizations. Marian, USA

I had been searching for such a word. I think 'Bright' could work and will try to play my part. I hope it grows further, particularly politically, and I wonder if initiating a political wing will help it get in the global consciousness (cf. 'Green'). Let me know if I can help. Cheers. Glen, UK

I am proud to add my name to this list. I will do my best to promote the good use of this new label for myself. Might I suggest that a symbol of some sort be the next step.  Ian, Canada

Just get it going...  Al, USA

Finally, yea, let's go and tell the world we are here and tired of exclusion by religious groups.  Roy, USA

You say, "... Brights can gain social and political power..." Good objectives. But first, respect and tolerance.  Arthur, USA

I wish us luck with this! Has any work been done in translating the term to other languages?  Petter, Norway

I was wondering if world-wide organizational breakdown had been contemplated. Bright Chapters by nation and state so influences could be applied locally.  Douglas, USA

You say: 'At some time in the future, it may be valuable to have individuals who will be willing to sign on action statements.' Do so! Publicity is your lifeblood.  David, UK

Someone younger and archivally more competent than I am ought to make a list of such relatively recent Deitary Encroachments as the "one nation under God" formula.  Harry, USA

Let's really focus on political clout!  Jo Ann USA

You should team up with the Long Now folks. Austin, USA

Will "brights" ever establish political action committees? How can "brights" provide a viable alternative to the fundamental christians infecting school boards and political parties? How can "brights" gain legitimacy in this society when to be anything other than of the judeochristian persuasion is to be suspect? "Humanist" and "liberal" have been spun into virtual curse words; this must change. Your web site and the editorials by Dennett and Dawkins are the first steps on the long road to acceptance and some measure of influence. Thanks, and keep up the good work.  Lucius, USA

This is an exciting idea. We were ready and needed it five centuries ago, but it's better late than never. I look forward to some interactive links,or chat rooms. Have you contacted the Sea of Faith movement? The majority of members would have sympathy with The Brights and many would be happy to be defined as such.  Peter, Great Britain

Hopefully this will be a less dour atheism than Dawkins's, and a less sour skepticism than the Skeptics Society!  Vincent, UK

Have been atheist/agnostic/atheist since age 11. As long being bright doesn't become a religion.   Huw, UK

I must say I have some reservations about "co-opting" a word and creating a new meaning for it for a group that may ultimately be perceived very negatively in the general public. I am afraid I may be a minority among Brights in being politically very conservative…. Finally, I must admit a tendency toward discomfort in the community - a fear of persecution should the trend toward extreme religious feelings continue. Given that I believe I have this one life only, I'm very much in favor of living it as long as I can, even if that means hiding some of my beliefs in order to stay alive. I imagine I'm not alone in that. So while I feel a sense of relief at a community, I also fear being identified with it. Hoping we can overcome some of that! Will there be any kind of forum where we can all meet and talk online? I would think that would be most popular if, like me, many are silent among most people about their beliefs. Thanks for letting me ramble! and for starting this group.  Virginia, USA

This is a great idea! Try to get Freedom From Religion Foundation to adopt the word.  Daniel, USA

I think Bright is an excellent idea and one which many people will relate to. I am proud to join. I do feel, however, that it is vitally important for it to begin as an international movement and for you to remove from your literature such phrases as: "Can we Brights impact America's outlook by putting just one new word to popular use? " This should not be about influencing America alone. It **must** be a global movement from the start. Recent opposition to the Iraq war demonstrated very clearly that with the internet the world can now mobilise itself. Let me repeat: it is not the tim! e for an American movement - it's the time for a world movement.  Sue, UK

Suggestion: Change your home page text from: "Can we Brights impact America's outlook... " to: "Can we Brights impact the World's outlook... " (i.e. you've got the World's countries to select from, the 'Net is a world platform - why then this parochial emphasis on America with your Home Page text?) P.S. Great concept, generally... Thanks!  Brett, Canada

I've been a card-carrying Skeptic and Humanist all my life, growing up in Australia and now living in the UK. … The Bright name neatly avoids the negative connotations of "skeptic"; however, it does make us sound even more smug and it's not as obvious what we're about. We'll see if it catches on. It might work well in universities, which are good places to concentrate our efforts.  Phil, UK

Let's get out there and illuminate.  Arthor, USA

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