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Good luck with your effort. ( a Bright I guess I can't believe in luck!) I'm rooting for you. However, in this day and age it is my opinion that it will take a long time for this group to effect significant change. However, you've got to start somewhere.  Thomas, USA

An interesting experiment. I find neologisms such as "bright" need to spring up from the wild to be effective. Coining new terms and having them stick isn't easy. But I'm interested to see how this plays out.  Nick, UK

My 17 year old son gave me the site. A movement must be born to further the cause of rational, scientific thought. …(people) must be educated in the natural rather than the mystical. There are very few proponents of scientific view. TV and radio pontificators are massive promoters of religion, as are all politicians. No public person delves into intellectual speculation in origin, but rather they place religion on a pedestal never to be analyzed; simply accepted mindlessly. I applaud this group in its attempt to give "Brights" a body and a mind and, perhaps eventually, a voice. Richard, USA

Certainly an admirable mission. I hope it succeeds, but you'll need some high visibility public relations of some sort. Now if you could only find some popular celebrity to "come out," so to speak.... Now there's a thought, are you going to usurp the gay community's terms for "coming out," "out of the closet" etc. or shall you use different terms? I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions to offer. In any case, I'm with you.  John, USA

Good luck, great idea! I always try to remember that in order to challenge the prevailing hegemony it's sometimes necessary to be more vociferous than may seem appropriate (especially when you're surrounded by fluffy, mostly inoffensive superstitions like the C of E here in the UK).  William, UK

I have argued against the dangerous foolishness of state-sanctioned religious beliefs for as long as I can remember, particularly where they are enforced in schools - I was brought up in Glasgow where, as you know, it matters more than in many other places 'which foot you kick with'. The labels 'atheist' & 'agnostic', however, have never sat comfortably on me, not least because of their inherent negativism. I refuse to define myself in terms of the existence of a god. I'm not merely a non-believer. I believe very strongly that all (!) religious belief is at best, a self-serving delusional mind-set and, at worse, well, a self-serving delusional mind-set. It's great to have a label that is positive, especially one that puts the boot on the other foot…I shall do my best to irreligiously spread the meme. Thanks. Keep up the bright work!  Scott Russell, UK

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