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These materials are free for downloading, duplication, and widespread distribution in accord with conditions that are stated on the items. Please feel free to distribute widely, but do employ them in ways that are appropriate to the aims of the movement. Keep the Brights in a positive light!

Evolution Education Flyer
2-sided sheet (or 2 pages)

This educational flyer summarizes the facts about the scientific theory for a general nonscientific audience and recommends suitable and accessible explanatory resources. It is a product of collaboration by 22 members of the Brights' Action Forum (2009).

  • Download the flyer
  • Consider possible audiences or appropriate situations for its use or distribution
    • Provide to teachers to use as they see fit (e.g., science, social studies, religion, health)
    • Employ in workshops and seminars
    • Distribute wherever questionable content is being considered for inclusion in school curricula (parents, teachers, curriculum committees, administrations, school boards)
    • Make available on outreach tables at community events (e.g., Earth Day, health fairs, Darwin Day events, festivals)
    • Place in "free-usage" space provided at libraries, community centers, universities for public distribution of materials (e.g., add to literature tables, bulletin boards)
  • Duplicate and follow through constructively

Supplemental Bibliography

These materials are some of the most useful to teachers and others interested in defense of evolution in educational programs.


  1. Darwin and Evolution for Kids.  Lawson, Kirsten.  Includes learning activities suitable for children; a good resource for teachers and parents.
  2. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation.  Keller, Michael.  More accessible than the original; may appeal to young people and those new to the subject.
  3. Greatest Show on Earth, The.  Dawkins, Richard.  Extensive preview available at Google Books.
  4. Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea, Carl Zimmer.   Companion to the PBS series Evolution.
  5. Diversity of Life, The.  Wilson, E. O.    Chronological story of evolution.  Extensive preview available at Google Books.
  6. Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin's Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives.  Wilson, David Sloan.  Available at Google Books.
  7. Evolution:  What the fossils say and why it matters.  Prothero, Donald.   Extensive preview available at Google Books.
  8. The Making of the Fittest:  DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution.  Carroll, Sean B.  Adults.


  1.  The history of evolution from way before Darwin .
  2. Geological Society of America 's resource aggregator. Includes lesson plans and additional resources for K-12 teachers and students (left sidebar).
  3.  An extensive collection of rebuttals to anti-evolution claims.

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