Action Arena #1:
Reality about Human Morality


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Persons who have a naturalistic worldview are perpetually “up against” the false but widely held cultural presumption that they, because of their worldview, lack certain requisites to be moral persons. This presupposition by others is an encumbrance that crops up again and again. In our view, it appears to be the single most significant hindrance to public disclosure that one has a naturalistic worldview. Brights must address this “morality problem” head on—with zest, and with profundity.

The endeavor in this arena can be seen as a “re-education” challenge, as we must work to produce a cultural shift toward accurate understanding (truth) of this matter of human morality. It is to be a long haul, but we can begin it.

Whom must we educate?—a huge fraction of the citizenry, it appears. And, before we seek to educate the media, the politicians and other agents of influence, we must educate ourselves.

Prerequisite to all activity is that we acquire expertise to assemble an absolutely indisputable basis for our assertions in the morality domain (the foundations of morality are understood by scholars). It is important to firm up understanding within the constituency of what is known about the natural underpinnings of human morality so that Brights can more effectively counter “common knowledge” that morals are presented to humanity by a supernatural deity through scripture.

When we can articulate and defend a naturalistic basis of morality, then we can proceed to set forth goals for educational action, develop clear and soundly based messages (in terms that can be readily understood by lay persons, and especially transmitted via media), build a useful resource “tool box” for Brights on the Web for their explanations, and so on. We must get together both our “subject” and our “lesson plans.”

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