The Brights’ Network offers varied ways you can take part in the overall endeavor, both as an individual, and in volunteer collaboration with other Brights.

Individual Activities

A Bright can quite independently play a valuable role in the Brights’ endeavor. Here are some example ways to contribute as a constituent almost entirely on one’s own accord.

Organized Activities

The Brights’ Net initiates and coordinates various projects in which Brights can participate and contribute their talents in ways that go beyond inviting others who have a naturalistic worldview to learn about the Brights. Volunteers may take on leadership roles in areas where they have expertise and interest, planning and conducting projects together with those who have a shared focal concern and/or similar know-how.

Practical Resources

Sometimes items produced in a project will show versatility beyond the original circumstance and can be made available for use by other Brights (individually or cooperatively) in their own situations.


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